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Claire Russell is offering you a business opportunity that will provide you with choices. The choice to secure your financial freedom, to live life the way you wish, to travel abundantly, to educate your children, to live in the home of your dreams, and never have to worry. Or simply to have a bit of extra cash each month. That’s the thing – you can decide what you want your business to do for you – and what you are willing to work for.

Working within the umbrella of an outstanding global company – and with Claire’s full support, you can develop your own team to build a national (and, if you wish international!) business, that will in turn develop and reward your entrepreneurial spirit. Be it full-time or part-time, working around your current commitments, Claire will mentor and enable you to make a lasting change to your life, providing you are willing to work hard, learn, and help others to succeed.

Why are people opting out of traditional business/careers?

There seems to be an ever increasing lack of job satisfaction and job security; and our working culture seems to demand more and reward less -engendering increasing levels of stress. We are living longer and our pension provisions are at best inadequate – and so we are faced with having to stay on the corporate wheel longer and longer. The average person is having to borrow more – often just to keep a roof over their heads – and cover the basic costs of living. When you consider all of these things, why would we not want to consider an alternative way?

Where else can you choose your own income?

Have you ever, in traditional business, had the opportunity to, literally, choose your income level? By trusting and working closely with Claire, and with hard work and commitment; you can build an uncapped, residual income – at the level that you decide. Literally – you can choose what you are willing to work for. And – that income can be left as a legacy to future generations. You can qualify for all expenses paid travel around the world, a new car of your choice, and a share in the company’s global profits. In 2015 the company paid out in excess of $24m in Chairman’s bonus payments.

Are you going to decide to decide? And if not now, when?

Working with Claire could, quite literally, change your life. How would it feel to be able to take control of your future? To secure your family’s financial security? To, finally, have the freedom to live the life of your choice?

From the very start Claire will coach, train and mentor you to success. She will be using a proven simple business model – that has enabled the success of many many others, around the world, over almost 40 years. She will help you to plan your business to suit your unique qualities and personal needs and goals. All she will ask for in return is your trust, belief and commitment to succeeding, whatever it takes!

If that inspires you to take advantage of the same opportunities that brought Claire to where she is today; if you’d like to receive mentoring from Claire and other leaders around the world, plus exclusive award winning training from Forever Living to help you succeed, you can contact Claire now, or join her on Facebook to see how this works.



“There will always be a good reason to quit and there will always be a good reason to keep going. Decide what kind of person you’re going to be.”

Eric Worre, Best Selling Author of “GoPro – & Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional”


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