With Summer just around the corner and the days already getting warmer, it is tempting to start thinking about our planned holidays or to start planning your holidays if you haven’t already booked. With that though there comes the thoughts of having to walk around your holiday resort in your swimwear. Whether you’re off to Mallorca or Centre Parts there will be a point when your kids are nagging you to go swimming and you are going to have to brave it.

Now if you are full of confidence and all ready to rock your swimsuit, fantastic, keep up the good work. For those of you that are a little unsure about the prospect of walking around in very little clothing, here are my five top tips on how make small changes to your lifestyle so that you can glow this summer and strut with confidence around the swimming pool.

1.Take the stairs – So often it is tempting to hop in the lift at work, the shopping mall or hotel. When you are at home you can use the stairs more too. If you have a bathroom upstairs and downstairs then go to the one furthest away from you to get some extra stair climbing into your day.

2. Eat your breakfast – It can be tempting to skip this part of the day as you dash off to work coffee in hand. There are breakfasts you can prep the night before like overnight oats for example. You leave them in the fridge over night so in the morning you can just grab the container and take them to work with you.

3. Drink at least 2 litres of water per day. Carry a bottle around with you and work your way through the bottle. You can even write the times of the day down the side and set your self a challenge to keep up with the marked times on your bottle.

4. Cut out the mid week alcohol. Alcohol is classed as empty calories. There is no nutritional benefit to drinking it, so save it for those special occasions to keep you at your leanest ready for your hols.

5. Try some different types of workouts. Find one you love to do, there are so many ways to workout from trampolining to salsa classes. You don’t have to be stuck wandering where to start all alone in the gym. Aim for at least 3

All the above are just small ways you can change in your day to day lifestyle. Start doing them now and you will see the changes by Summer.

Leana x

Leana Robinson

Leana Robinson