What if I told you that you had been doing life on the basis of a massive mis-understanding about how life works? That’s what has happened to me over the last two days.

This weekend was the beginning of the Clarity Coach Training program, which is a ten month program with Jamie Smart, Sunday Times best selling author, Coach and Trainer.

It has been two incredibly intensive days and even at this early stage I just know that this is going to have a profound impact on me.

So, what is ‘Clarity’ all about? This is something that I will build on as I blog about my Clarity journey, but right now I will say simply this….. Jamie teaches some fundamental and really quite simple principles that will help absolutely everyone – to lead a happier life, and to achieve the things they want to with ease. I believe this is life changing stuff. There is nothing new in what Jamie teaches, there is no secret, but he has a way of showing you a truth, helping you to see how the world really works, and who you really are.

Why am I doing Jamie’s Coach Training program? To be honest- I don’t yet know- and I am ok with that. I know for sure that it is going to free me from a whole load of mis-understandings about how things work. I know for sure that this will have a huge impact of every area of my life- my relationships, my business and my own impact on the world around me. Beyond that- I don’t know, but I am very much looking forward to the ride.

I have spent years- most of my adult life really, not really being in touch with who I really am. Working hard, doing stuff, but never quite feeling like it was all congruent with who I know that I am at my core, in my heart – does that make any sense? Don’t worry – I’m not sure it quite does to me at this point, but stick with me….

The program takes place over the next 10 months and I know I am going to go on a hell of a journey over that 10 months. I am so ready for this. I hope you will enjoy sharing my journey with me.

Claire xx