A testimonial from Simon Leech following his experience of the Forever Living Products Clean 9 Program.

A diary of a Clean 9 program – by Simon Leech.

After using a few of the Forever Living Products health and wellness supplements over a few months, to boost my general well-being, I decided I needed to get serious and kick start a new get fit / lose weight campaign. I had been taking Aloe Drinking Gel, Arctic Sea (Omega Fish and Calamari  Oils), Forever Daily (essential vitamin and mineral supplement) and Forever Active HA (a supplement with Hyaluronic Acid, Turmeric and Ginger Oil and had seen a significant improvement in energy and general wellness. I was ready to get fit!

Having discussed my thoughts with Claire she explained the Forever Living Products Clean 9 program and how it works. I committed to start the C9 on a certain date and put it in my diary. I was determined to follow the program to the letter and that meant changing lots of bad habits.

Having stocked up the fridge with all things fruit and vegetables I was ready. Gym kit always packed in my bag in the in the car meant I had no excuse not to get to the gym every day after leaving work.

Claire promised I would not be hungry during the cleanse program and that turned out to be very true. I stuck to it rigidly and trained most days, mainly cardio stuff. I always felt fine and I slept soundly each night. After the 9 day program was over I had made huge progress towards my health goals and was feeling fantastic.

I was so pleased I vowed to continue the theme and two weeks after I finished the C9 I still drink mainly water, eat lots of fruit and vegetables, eat no salt, sugar, or complex carbs. I drink very little alcohol or caffeine, or red meat. I continue to lose weight gradually and I now have set myself a target of another 15 lbs. Oh and my shirt buttons are no longer bursting!

If you are considering the Clean 9 (or one of the other Forever programs) – in the words of Nike – just do it! Finally Claire is a fantastic mentor who gives lots of support all the way along – get in touch with her to find out more.

Simon Leech

Managing Director